Gluten Free Sushi

We often get asked questions about what sushi in our menu is gluten free, and what isn't. We know how hard it can be when figuring out what you can and can't eat.

We have compiled a list of our sushi that is gluten free, however should you see an item on our website that does contain gluten, but you would like to try, do get in touch and if we are able to make it gluten free for you we will!

If ordering for home delivery make sure to leave us a note in your order form to let us know if you are coeliac or gluten free, so we can take extra safety measures.



Vegetarian Options

- cucumber maki

- avocado maki

- spicy avocado 

- edamame 

- spicy avocado maki

- miso aubergine

Fish Options

- salmon avocado

- salmon futomaki

- rainbow futomaki

- salmon nigiri

- salmon avocado maki

- aburi salmon nigiri

Meat Options

- steak & asapargus